buckle1 [buk′əl]
[ME bokel, a buckle, boss of a shield < OFr bocle < LL bucula, beaver, shield < L buccula, cheek strap of a helmet, dim. of bucca, cheek: see BUCCAL]
1. a clasp on one end of a strap or belt for fastening the other end in place
2. a clasplike ornament, as for shoes
3. a clasp on a strap that fits into a matching part on a post, another strap, etc. thereby securing the strap
buckled, buckling
to fasten or join with a buckle
1. to be fastened or joined by a buckle
2. Obs. to engage in a struggle; grapple
☆ buckle down
to apply oneself energetically; set to work with effort
buckle2 [buk′əl]
vt., vi.
buckled, buckling [ME bokelen, to arch the body < bokel, buckle; prob. infl. by OFr bocler, to bulge < bocle: see BUCKLE1]
to bend, warp, or crumple, as under pressure or in intense heat
a distortion caused by buckling; bend, bulge, kink, etc.
buckle under
to give in; yield; submit

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